Chapter Quartet Contest - Updated Rules



Chuck has taken some time to clarify some official rules and regulations for our upcoming chapter quartet contest on Tuesday, September 11. They are as follows:

  • Registered Quartets are ineligible to win, and no more than two members of any quartet shall have previously belonged to the same Registered Quartet.
  • Quartets that have previously won this contest will be considered as Registered Quartets.
  • All quartets must consist entirely of Heart of Maryland Members. (Exception: immediate family members, like Roxanne Powell and Lily Nisbet).
  • If more than two members of any quartet are participating in Harmony Brigade for the current year, they cannot sing a song from this year’s Harmony Brigade repertoire.
  • No two quartets will be permitted to sing the same song. Each participating quartet shall submit their song choice to Glenn for verification, preferably before they purchase the learning materials and begin rehearsing. This includes Polecats and Chorus Repertoire.
  • All songs are contestable: Barbershop, Religious, Country, and Western. (Exception: songs containing foul language or obscenities; this contest is a family-friendly show).
  • Quartets in violation of the above rules may be permitted to perform, but they will not be scored and shall be considered ineligible to win the contest.

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, please contact Chuck.